The most versatile X-Ray system in our medical range, the Xstrahl 200 is ideally suited for both superficial treatments of skin lesions and providing orthovoltage therapy for palliation of secondary lesions or boney metastases.

The versatility of the Xstrahl 200 system enables it to be floor or ceiling mounted, thereby allowing the treatment room to be used for other clinical purposes.

A modern replacement for more traditional systems and more versatile than the Xstrahl 150, this orthovoltage treatment unit can be equipped with full dosimetry control, applicator and filter recognition.

Clinical Conditions

  • Superficial therapy
    • Basal cell carcinoma
    • Squamous cell carcinoma
    • Keloid scars
    • Dermatological conditions including psoriasis
    • Mycosis fungoides and deeper benign plaques
  • Benign conditions
    • Dupuytren’s
    • Peyronie’s disease
    • Inflammatory disorders
    • Degenerative disorders
    • Hypertrophic disorders
  • Palliative care
    • Boney metastases

Technical Specifications

  • Tube Voltage 20 – 220 kV
  • Tube Current 0 – 30 mA
  • Maximum HVL 2 mm Cu
  • Maximum Power Output 3 kW

Output Data

Typical Dose Rate 100 – 300 cGy/min
Field size 1.5 cm diameter – 20 x 20 cm square

kV 80 220
HVL (mm) 2.5 Al 2 Al
mA 8.5 13
FSD 20 50
Rate 100-300 cGy/min 160 66
Rate cGy/min 565 71


The Xstrahl control system provides a simple, intuitive interface for both physicists and radiation therapists, to assist with delivering and reviewing patient and treatment data.

All Xstrahl products have received CE marking approval for sale in Europe, clearance by FDA for sale in the U.S.A., are licensed for sale in Canada and are designed and manufactured in accordance with an ISO13485:2003 certified quality management system.