VacQfix™ Cushions

VacQfix™ cushions are custom formed for patient comfort and positioning accuracy, becoming rigid when vacuum is applied.
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Foam Positioners

These comfortable positioners consist of foam blocks encased in Blue Staph-Chek vinyl fabric. They are designed for optimal durability and comfort.
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TIMO Head & Neck Support Cushions

These durable polyurethane-foam cushions provide head and neck support.
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Foam Positioning Cushions

Quality foam cushions are durable for everyday use and will maintain consistent shape for accuracy and repeatability.
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SofTouch™ Couch Top Pad

SofTouch Couch Top Pads are supportive and comfortable for patients during a variety of radiotherapy procedures.
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SofTouch™ Knee Wedge & Foot Block

The SofTouch Knee Wedge & Foot Block are designed to provide precise, repeatable positioning are are contoured to relieve pressure point stress and improve patient comfort. They are lightweight and easy to clean.
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Aquaplast RT Custom Bolus™

Ideal for hard-to-bolus areas such as: chest wall, nose, parotid, groin, ears and any irregularly surfaced anatomical feature.
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Stainless Steel Aquapan/Compact Aquapan/Aquapan Cart

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Grip Rings

Grip Rings are an effective way to offer an added level of patient comfort. They help to put patients at ease during setup and treatment.
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Storage Accessories

This lightweight Wall Mount is the ideal way to store your QUANTUM CT Overlay, AccuFix™ Cantilever Board™, QUEST™ Breastboard and Access™ Supine Breast Device.
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Bolx I™ & Bolx II™

Bolx I and Bolx II are flexible, tissue-equivalent build-up materials, designed to increase the surface dose. Both the Bolx I and Bolx II sheet are made of a cured transparent gel (with or without polyethylene skin), and offer excellent conformity to body contours.

Bolx I is encased in a layer of polyethylene skin. Bolx II is skinless and is intended for single patient use.

Bolx I Bolus Material (with polyurethane skin)

  • KA31052   Bolx I Sheet 30x30x.5cm
  • KA31102   Bolx I Sheet 30x30x1cm
  • KA31152   Bolx I Sheet 30x30x1.5cm
  • KA31202   Bolx I Sheet 30x30x2cm
  • KA31302   Bolx I Sheet 30x30x3cm
  • KA31033030   Bolx I Sheet 30x30x.3cm
  • KA31034040   Bolx I Sheet 40x40x.3cm

Bolx II Bolus Material (without skin)

  •  KA32052   Bolx II Sheet 30x30x.5cm
  •  KA32102   Bolx II Sheet 30x30x1cm
  •  KA32152   Bolx II Sheet 30x30x1.5cm
  •  KA32202   Bolx II Sheet 30x30x2cm
  •  KA32302   Bolx II Sheet 30x30x3cm